MITSUBISHI Come to Qinhan for the Supplier Audit and Technology Discussion

On June 25th, 2015, Japan MITSUBISHI Corp come to Qinhan for the supplier audit and technology discussion.


During the audit, MITSUBISHI Corp had a deep discussion with Qinhan’s R&D team about the inquired forging parts. With Qinhan’s founder professor Xin’s help, many difficult technology problems were resolved. During the whole morning meeting, MITSUBISHI had a deep understanding of Qinhan, and spoke highly of Qinhan’s super R&D capacity.

MITSUBISHI have the technical discussion with Qinhan 

In the afternoon, MITSUBISHI team paid a visit to Qinhan’s production workshop, after the whole auditing, they gave the appreciation of Qinhan’s precision forging process and serious quality control. When visiting the showroom, they learned deeply about Qinhan’s patent technology and gave the high approval as well.


MITSUBISHI audits Qinhan production workshop

After auditing, MITSUBISHI showed their great wish for long-term cooperation and presented that they have realized other potential corporation as well.


With all the international customers' support, Qinhan will obtain rapid development in the near future.


Note: Intro of Mitsubishi Electric Corp

one of the subsidiary of MITSUBISH consortium

founded in 1921

one of the Fortune Global 500

There are 24 branch joint venture and whole proprietorship companies of MITSUBISHI in China.