Qinhan Cold Forging Greet Marquardt's Supplier Audit

On November 28, Europe’s largest switch manufacturer Marquardt has come to Qinhan Cold Forging for supply evaluation. This is the third review of Marquardt Group in just half a year. The main purpose is to review Qinhan’s quality system and discuss cooperation.


Firstly, Marquardt Group visit the exhibit room and study several complex precision cold forging products. They speak highly of Qinhan’s achievements and honor.


Then Marquardt Group strictly audit Qinhan’s production site .They in-depth assessment of Qinhan’s production technology, equipment and quality control system.Marquardt highly recognition and evaluation of Qinhan’s huge improvement in just half a year .Finally Marquardt expressed great expectations of Qinhan’s rapid development in the future.


As Europe’s largest manufacturing of switch, Marquardt has a very strictly standard in quality and technique, that is why they review three times. With the Marquardt’s support and efforts of all staff, the development of Qinhan will be getting better and better.



Introduction of Marquardt Group:

Web: http://www.maquardt.com

------Marquardt is Europe’s largest switch manufacturer

------Marquardt group has 11 offices and 6200 employees worldwide.

------Marquardt is the long-term partners of BMW, Audi and Benz cars.

------Focusing on the two business areas: cars and switch, sensing device and control device.