Qinhan Cold Forging was published in the newspaper

With the increasing enterprise strength, QinHan Cold Forging was interviewed by Luoyang Daily and Henan Daily recentlythe increasing enterprise strength.

On August 2nd ,2015 journalists of Luoyang Daily paied a visit to QinHan Cold Forging. During the factory tour, they showed great interested in Qinhan’s precision forging processing technology, high performance products and strict quality control system. When knowing that the products which is in inspection is exported toTOSHIBA and apply to Megavolt Power Gird (the highest level), they showed the great interest and gave high marks on them. Meanwhilethey expressed that they will continue to report the development of QinHan Cold Forging.


 Report in the Luoyang Daily

On August 4th, some related news also published on Henan Daily. They spoke highly of QinHan’ R&D, production strength and development potential.

Established in 1992, Qinhan Cold Forging Co., Ltd relies on the advanced technology and talents to develop continuously. For over 20 years’ unremitting efforts, our products coverage includes high-voltage switch gear, aviation & aerospace, nuclear & military, automobile, motorcycle, textile, petrochemical, etc. which makes outstanding contributions to the national industry.

In the future, QinHan Cold Forging will continue to make great efforts. With continuous innovation, Qinhan will make more contribution to the customers’material saving, product efficiency improving and cost reduction field.