QinHan Precision Industrials Corporation's new year party has been successfully held

At the beginning of this party, Xuanrong Xin, the founder of Qinhan made a deeply presentation and declare the party‘s officially began. Professsor Xin said he is so pound of Qinhan’s great achievement. In the past years, Qinhan grew up from a small factory to a listing companymeanwhile it has been the qualified supplier of Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Ping-Gao electrical, Siyuan Electric. And this issues showed that Qinhan has big potentiality to achieve more value in the future.

After the presentation, Qinhan’s CEO, General Manager and Deputy General Manager give  awards to 2015 outstanding employees, best newcomer and meritorious employees, the leaders really appreciate the staff’s hard work and encourage everyone in the new 2016 to continue to progress and achieve more success.

In the party, Qinhan present many great shows, like dancing , singing, comic dialogue, sketches. These items made the party more and more spectacular. 


During over 20 years’ process, Qin-Han precision industrials company has made remarkable achievements along the way. Within advanced technology of cold precision forging, Qinhan has made great contribution to the high-voltage switchgear parts, automotive parts, engine parts, engineering machinery parts’ material saving field. Under the joint efforts of all staff, Qinhan will have an infinitely bright future!