Qin-Han Precision Industrials Corporation's bell ceremony of NEEQ was held successfully

Luoyang Qin-Han precision industrials corporation’s bell ceremony of NEEQ was held successfully on Dec, 28th, 2015.The CEO Xuanrong Xin, Deputy General Manager Xincheng Liu attended as the representative. 



After the ceremony, Luoyang Qin-Han Cold Forging Co., Ltd was officially changed to Luoyang Qin-Han Precision Industrials Corporation, .And the stock ticker number is: NEEQ 835448.


Along with listing successfully, our company business has been expanded from high voltage switchgear, automotive & motorcycle parts, engineering machinery parts to rail transit, clean energy etc. That has been a big improvement. With listing on the stock market, Qin-Han will improve the capital structure and management, and getting into international standard level. Meanwhile, we are on the way to making more contribution to the world’s metal parts’ material saving field with precision forging process!